Our Story

Melissa is an Arizona native, living out her wildest dreams on the Oregon coast. Recently married, she and her husband desired to live somewhere where the ocean meets the mountains and the people are friendly. After spending months traveling the Oregon coast to escape the heat, they decided Astoria had the friendliness of a small town, but also the progressive attitude of larger cities. They settled in and Melissa quickly set up shop and started bringing her visions to life. When she isn’t creating her wares, you can find her volunteering with animals and children, or combing the beaches for treasures with her husband and tiny Papillon named Sully.

Melissa took metalsmithing classes to learn how to solder and create one-of-a-kind pieces, but also taught herself how to electroform jewelry. Her vision was to bring one-of-a-kind pieces to jewelry lovers at an affordable price, so she took up electroforming to see if she could lower the price tag on handmade pieces of jewelry. It took quite a bit of trial and error (plus a few chemical burns), but she mastered the process and her jewelry took on the feel of Melissa’s personality.

A bit of her quirkiness and love can be felt in each piece.