Caring for your jewelry...

To keep your handmade jewelry looking fresh and new, take proper measures to keep it dry while wearing. Handmade electroformed jewelry and raw gemstones are more delicate than typical store bought jewelry, please be aware of this when wearing it.

You will want to remove copper jewelry before bathing, swimming, doing dishes, putting on lotion or makeup, etc.

Your piece of jewelry was sealed in a protective coating at the time of creation. This coating is meant to protect the piece, as well as keep your skin from changing colors as a possible chemical reaction to the metal. This coating is very thin, to not change the appearance of the piece, so it may rub off over time. In the event your copper piece begins to tarnish and you prefer the "new" look, or your skin reacts to the metal and it bothers you, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your jewelry in a small dish with warm water and dish soap. Lemon juice or ketchup may enhance cleaning results and bring the piece back to its original luster. Using a toothbrush can help get in all the nooks.

  2. Dry thoroughly.

  3. Rub the jewelry with steel wool or a brass brush to enhance shine (optional).

  4. Buy “protectaclear” or clean nail polish and paint a thin layer on your piece where it touches your skin.

Note that there are several other methods to clean copper, which can be found by googling "how to clean copper jewelry."

Silver jewelry may be cleaned with store bought jewelry cleaner.